Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The 2 essential bass lures that every new fisherman should know!

Bass fishing is incredibly popular. In addition to being the favorite for many experienced lifelong fishermen, the excitement also draws thousands of new beginner bass fishermen to the water every year.

There are endless techniques, strategies and equipment that a beginner bass fisherman should learn and acquire.

However, the most vital piece of information is how to use some of the essential bass lures. The following are the two most common and successful bass lures and how, where and when to use them.

Crankbait: Crankbaits are most effective when used in deeper, darker water. However, they are also commonly used in both fast moving streams and larger rivers. The most important tip to remember when using crankbait is to provide yourself with a varying selection of shapes, sizes and styles.

The key to using crankbait bass lures is to mimic any available food source which may be present in your currant fishing location.

For example, if you can spot many small minnows in the shallows this is probably what the bass are feeding on and you should choose your crankbait accordingly. A long slender and thinly shaped crankbait would more than likely be your best choice.

Crankbait bass lures attract the fish by using both sound and visual stimulation. If possible obtain some varieties of lure that include rattle features and bright, realistic colors.

Spinnerbait: The spinnerbait is considered by some to be the most versatile of all bass lures. This style of lure is a must for all bass fishing beginners due to the fact that it can be used it almost any situation.

For example, the spinnerbait can be used as a top water lure, a weedless lure or even a structure bouncer. Of the three, the weedless abilities of a spinnerbait are what make it a great and valuable bass lure.

Bass love weeds and Lilly pads; it is where they find their shade and cool water during the late morning, and daylight hours. Casting into weeded areas may be a challenge for some bass beginners and can lead to the loss of countless bass lures if they are not careful.

Whether they use crankbait or spinnerbait bass lures, a beginner will also have to learn other important skills, such as patience, perseverance and the ability to tell small lies about the “big one that got away”.

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