Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Simply the best of all Salmon fishing lures; a simple lightweight spoon!

Catching a trophy salmon is a goal which many fishermen share. Whether trolling for Coho or Chinook, salmon fishermen have depended on one type of salmon fishing lure for many years, the spoon.

Trolling with spoon lures is effective for salmon fishing for one reason; these lures have the appearance of struggling baitfish. Baitfish make up a large portion of the salmon’s natural food source, and lightweight, thin spoons can be incredibly successful when used properly.

Anyone who is starting out as a salmon fisherman should make sure to stock their tackle box with as many different colors, weights and sizes of spoons as possible before setting out on the water.

Spoons which have a strong “wobbling” action are a good choice and will not disrupt the water to the point of alarming the salmon. Salmon tend to be a very aware and sensitive fish.

When choosing your next salmon fishing lures, make sure to purchase ones which advertise a smooth, continuous motion. The splash and rattle noises which some lures provide are not going to work well, and will send your potentially record-making salmon into hiding.

The one vital point to remember when using a lightweight spoon as your salmon fishing lure of choice is to take depth into consideration. Most hungry Coho or Chinook salmon will spend most of the day relaxed at 50 - 80 feet below the surface; this is why serious salmon fishermen will add downriggers or divers to their line.

It is possible to make your own salmon fishing lures. A simple lightweight spoon can be made out of just about any thin, pliable metal. Many fishermen will make their own spoon lures by punching out oval shapes from the lids of tin containers, flattening large tokens or coins and even the ends of actual cutlery spoons.

Trolling and salmon fishing in general can be enjoyable and challenging. If you are unsure of which salmon fishing lures will get you the big catch you seek, ask an experienced salmon fisherman for some advice. As with all fishermen, he will love to tell you all about the one memorable catch, and which spoon he used to bring it in!

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